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Comprehensive Kia Service Near Santa Fe, NM: Trust Fiesta Kia for Reliable Maintenance


To keep up with Santa Fe’s ever-changing seasons, Kia has done extensive testing of everything from freezing winters, blistering heat and every weather condition in between. But sometimes it’s just plain hard to figure out when your Kia may need some maintenance, and when it’s OK to let it slide a bit. After all, all Kias come with a 10-year, 100K mile warranty, right? But keep in mind that is for the powertrain side of your trusty Kia, and there are many systems that need to function properly to run trouble-free. So when the infamous “check engine” light comes on, it’s important to consider where to take your Kia. If it’s a new car, protect your Kia’s factory warranty by following the service schedule listed in the owner’s manual. Using a licensed dealer like Fiesta Kia service near Santa Fe NM and in Albuquerque can help document when and where your car had service in the past. Even if it is not a Kia purchased from Fiesta Kia, they have a computer link to the Kia factory that might help figure out when it was last serviced. Their service department can use your vehicle identification number (VIN) to look up any service done in the U.S. and advise you whether service is required or due. This applies to either pure electric, hybrid or internal combustion powered Kias.



Why Fiesta Kia service near Santa Fe NM?

Fiesta Kia has an extensive service center with multiple bays ready to handle a crowd of customers. They employ Kia factory trained technicians to access the complicated diagnostic system of modern cars to get an accurate reading on any problem that might keep you off the road. Modern vehicles use a complex set of electronic systems to run not only the engine and braking systems, but also keep track of trouble when a sensor detects it. Just as important is these sensors can detect problems with the complex safety systems built into it. Dealerships like Fiesta Kia have spent thousands of dollars into specialized scanners and electronic tools, but also the technicians to expertly run them. Properly training a single Kia tech can take between two and five years, but that background allows them to diagnose problems that could otherwise go unnoticed. Even older Kia models can sometimes benefit by the use of factory trained techs to get them running properly. And while DIY repairs can be admirable, there’s a hidden reason why allowing a dealership like Fiesta Kia to do the work can make a HUGE difference. Beyond using genuine Kia factory parts, seasoned techs are familiar with older models they’ve worked on for years. Familiarity with Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) posted by Kia can also track common problem areas and provide guidance on the best way to fix them, often at no cost to the consumer. And whether it’s a simple brake job or oil/filter, cabin or engine filter change, Fiesta Kia can handle it.

Repairs Large and Small

Beyond this, a state-of-the-art dealership like Fiesta Kia can offer an air-conditioned lounge for customers to wait in comfort while their service work is done. With widescreen TVs, Wi-Fi connections and customer work areas available as well. A free car wash is even included with most services to make sure your Kia (or other vehicle) is clean and shiny once repairs are complete. Fiesta Kia takes away the hassle of recycling used tires, oil, filters, antifreeze, brakes or other toxic materials and keeping them out of the environment. Fiesta Kia offers a multipoint inspection of other parts and automotive systems to ensure reliability with a written report. They have limited hours on Saturdays, and reservations can be made online or via phone (505-309-4952), so, whether you enjoy their free Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks and newspapers as your waiting for your Kia service near Santa Fe NM, there are plenty of reasons to stop by Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE in Albuquerque, NM.