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Gift-Giving and your Kia dealership Albuquerque NM

It’s time to think about gift-giving and what to get for who. And, if you’re like us, this can sometimes become awfully stressful. We want to help make it easier by providing a holiday gift guide for drivers. What’s more, you can find many of these items at your friendly Fiesta Kia dealership Albuquerque NM, making your visit a one-stop shopping experience like no other!

Gifts for the Typical Driver

When you think about gift-giving from an automotive perspective, there are so many things to choose from- items to personalize a car, gadgets and technology for the interior, accessories for the exterior, outdoor gear, and even individualized gifts for the driver or car owner. As car people, we like to err on the side of convenience.  What does your son, daughter, wife, husband, or friend really need in their car? Our team of shop experts at Fiesta Kia dealership Albuquerque NM recommends useful and practical objects as well as unique or unusual items someone wouldn’t get for themselves. 


Practical Items

It’s always good to have some essential items stowed away in your car, truck, or SUV for those unexpected moments. Some of these include:

  • Tire Pressure Gauge – Small pen-type tire gauges only cost a few dollars, and most drivers usually have one of these. For a gift, invest in a performance-tested gauge certified and calibrated for accuracy within ANSI standards. 
  • First Aid Kit – You never know when or where a bandage, antiseptic, or other first-aid supplies will be needed, so it’s great to have them on hand when you do. Nothing fancy or extreme is required; just the basics will be fine.
  • Flashlight – Many people have a flashlight on their smartphone, but having a separate light source is a good idea. There are so many flashlights for sale, so look for a bright LED light that’s waterproof and rechargeable. 
  • Spare Tire Pump – It’s easy to forget about a vehicle’s spare tire – out of sight, out of mind, right? But nothing is worse than needing that spare and discovering that it, too, is flat! We advise checking the spare periodically, maybe once a month, to be extra sure. Having a usable pump on hand is an easy and affordable safety net.  
  • LED Roadside Flares – These are safety items everyone should have. Bright flashing lights (even in the daytime) will alert other drivers that a car has broken down or was involved in an accident. 
  • All-Weather Floor Mats – A perennial number-one recommended accessory, these will keep carpets clean, dry, and free from damage. Kia makes custom floor mats for each model.
  • Car Cupholder Phone Mounts – For those drivers of older model vehicles that don’t have Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Look for a universal fit for any size cupholder and an adjustable gooseneck so the phone can be angled in various positions. 
  • Car Vacuum – Choose a lightweight, handheld model with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Bagless, easy-to-empty and clean, and excellent suction are a must!
  • Car Wash – Keeping a vehicle clean is a never-ending job. DIYers will appreciate a top-quality car cleaning kit, while others may prefer a gift card or membership to a local car wash for routine cleaning. A gift certificate to have a car detailed is sure to be a hit, as well!


Kia Dealership Albuquerque NM: Special Accessories

The pros in our Parts Department are always available to help with genuine Kia parts and accessories, sure to please any Kia vehicle owner. Visit Fiesta Kia and let us help!

Looking for ideas beyond this gift guide? Not exactly sure what to buy? We offer gift certificates in any amount. Call us or stop by 7400 Lomas Blvd NE in Albuquerque New Mexico anytime during business hours.