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The Kia Dealership Near Santa Fe NM Prepares for the Spring Break Rush

Those searching for the ideal spring break travel can halt the search and dash over to the Kia dealership near Santa Fe NM. Whether your choice is a four-door sedan, crossover, or traditional SUV, Fiesta Kia offers a surplus of vehicles. Now spring break travel can be conducted in fun, style, and with a sense of confidence that can be found in no other automaker’s alternatives. 

Disney World

For those wishing to get a taste of the Magic Kingdom, a visit to the Kia dealership near Santa Fe NM should be a prerequisite. Taming the interstate with the family in tow should occur in the Kia Telluride. The long drive of anticipation and excitement demands a vehicle that offers plenty of legroom and a surplus of cargo space for luggage. With the children continually asking if the car has arrived yet, it is best to travel in a vehicle that can capture their attention and offer the comforts of home. Charging ports, wireless capability, and the absolute best in entertainment possibilities will calm the nerves and distract from the upcoming magical experience only to allow an unleash of joy once you have arrived. 


Kia Dealership Near Santa Fe NM: Flight Plan

Spring Break often dictates sand and white-capped water destinations, but Kia offers an alternative in travel plans. Grab a flight to anywhere and enjoy some needed relaxation—no matter where your desire takes you, limitations surface with checking bags. As a result, the Forte can deliver its passengers to the airport in style and with maximum space in the trunk for those carry-ons and a couple of checked bags. Another plus to airport travel in the Forte is the ease of maneuvering in the parking garage and squeezing into a compact space near the elevator. A short walk to the car reigns as a relief. Kia drivers will enjoy that bonus point if they run late to catch the plane and make the tired travel home. 

Smoky Mountains

If the beach fades in excitement and your allocated vacation time will not allow for a distant travel destination found by flight, a quick trip to the Smokeys can deliver the perfect getaway. With the addition of a multipurpose roof rack, the Niro can carry a couple of kayaks for an exciting white water kayaking adventure on the French Broad or even over at the Nantahala River. Ample cargo space can be enlarged when folding the second-row seating down. Now wetsuits, paddles, and outdoor gear can travel safely from the confines inside the vehicle. 

Texas Riverwalk

San Antonio’s Riverwalk offers an abundance of hotels, restaurants, and shopping experiences populating a quaint area that offers something different. Like being stationed in a separate world, the Riverwalk provides a slower pace that carries a theme of ease. Even taking in the sights can be simplified with a float down the San Antonio River. When a view grabs your eye, disembark to make interest a reality. For this unique destination that can be reached within a day, Kia offers the Sorento. Travel comfort and space are only continued by staying in one of the many Riverwalk’s luxurious hotels. To learn more about where Kia can deliver passengers on Spring Break, contact Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.