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Kia EV near Rio Rancho are coming in strong!



While most car companies across the globe are busy working on electric vehicles, Kia has a built-in advantage. The South Korean company can double its research and development efforts with its sister company Hyundai. Beyond developing better Li-Ion batteries and more efficient motors, the joint venture company has taken on the task of creating separate models built on common platforms. This creates a huge cost advantage, while still ensuring that Kia gets a separate and distinct car or SUV in each EV category they decide to compete in. Buying or manufacturing certain parts at volume also provides each company with the ability to customize interiors and technology at a rate and cost that smaller companies cannot rival.


Currently, Kia has several 2024 EVs that consumers can consider. They start small, but Kia has models that get larger and surprising plans for future EVs. So, let’s start with the compact Nero EV, which can hold four passengers in a two box styling configuration. This FWD hatchback has a range of 253 miles, using a 64.8 kWh battery. Futuristic styling and LED headlights are standard, as are over a dozen safety features. The Nero EV is quick, with 201 HP and 183 lb/ft on tap from its electric engine. There are two trim levels available (Wind and Wave), while the Nero Wind EV line starts at $39,600. Both Nero EVs carry a combined EPA 113 MPGe rating.


Next up for the Kia EV near Rio Rancho NM is the EV6 lineup, which encompasses the widest range of models in Kia’s 2024 EV lineup. The EV6 is a two row sport crossover available in either RWD or AWD configurations. This means no less than eight separate trims available, split between Wind, Wave and GT EV6 models. Four to five occupants with plenty of cargo room are part of its design brief. Like the Nero EV, Kia has extensive safety features standard for each of the EV6 models. But unlike the Nero, the EV6 is less boxy and has a sleeker exterior design that rival more expensive European models. It’s designed to hold four to five occupants with plenty of cargo room in a tapering hatchback. Consumers can pick different performance levels with the EV6, from mild to wild. The EV6 Light RWD model has a slightly smaller 58.0 kWh battery and produces 167 HP. But the EV6 GT RWD uses a 77.4 kWh battery and puts out an astounding 576 HP as part of its design brief. Pricing ranges from $42,600 for the EV6 light to $61,600 for the EV6 GT. In between, there are no less than six other models and option packages for each that have an EPA-estimated range of between 218 to 310 miles. This is a slight increase over 2023 models, together with the addition of charge door/port lighting to make it easier to plug-in on dark nights.


The 2024 EV9 is Kia’s largest EV to date and features three row seating in a luxury vehicle designed to compete among the world’s best. Technology abounds in such a flagship EV, with more comfort, luxury and space for six to seven occupants than ever before. The EV9 design pushes the wheels to the far corners of the body to maximize interior space for either passengers or cargo, and in some options, has the potential to tow up to 5,000 pounds. It uses the Kia e-GMP platform and a new fourth generation battery designed to hold more energy. Standard is a 76.1 kWh battery for the RWD model, while an optional 99.8 kWh battery targets nearly 300 miles of range, while a 283.1 kWh battery option is designed for a 379 HP AWD twin motor model. Use of an 800V fast charging technology can allow the EV9 to be rapidly recharged with high-speed DC chargers. Expect to see options like a 14-speaker, 708 watt Meridian sound system and on-board updates to the Kia operating systems. Pricing is expected to start at $54,900 for the EV9 light RWD up to $73,900 for the EV-GT AWD. For further information on any of these 2024 models, be sure to visit the Fiesta Kia website at:





The Future of Kia EV near Rio Rancho NM

As stated in the introduction of this article, Kia has taken steps to build their EV model line. They have used modular construction to build many different models off an existing platform, and this will continue into the near future. The Concept EV3 and EV4 models, as shown at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are good examples of how far Kia intends to take their modular build designs in the coming years. Built with the latest colors, interior design materials and technology, Kia has taken these EVs a step further. Using replaceable modular construction, the area behind the cabin could be replaced with rear sections that offer completely different uses. Thus, a rear body section might be a pickup bed for use in carrying loads for a building business. But another alternate section (complete with rear wheels) might be securely fastened to create a multi seat SUV section for family outings, or a third option might be a boxy van type section ideal for making deliveries while keeping the cargo secure and dry. There were no further details on either the EV3 or EV4 available at the CES, but don’t be surprised to see what pops out of the imaginations of product planners, designers and engineers at Kia in the future. The best place to find out the latest information for Kia EV near Rio Rancho, NM might be a visit to the sparkling new Fiesta Kia dealership in Albuquerque at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 to ask about the new Kia EVs for now and into the future.