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Kia Road Trips Near Santa Fe NM Add Additional Thrill to Everyday Driving

Kia purchasers can relay various reasons for selecting one of the many vehicles the auto manufacturer offers. Spanning from family transport to weekend adventure, the motives are as unique as Kia itself. Kia road trips near Sante Fe NM, whether they involve pavement or dirt, entice the adventurous spirit found in all drivers. No matter the destination, Kia offers a vehicle designed specifically for the level of driving incorporated by the buyer. A weekend getaway to the city is easily accomplished with spacious trunks in Kia sedans. Family road trips become a welcomed pleasantry with the elaborate minivan option. For those seeking thrill of the wilderness genre, Kia’s SUVs get the job done.

Outside Gym



Kia road trips near Sante Fe NM would not be complete without mountain cycling. Breathtaking views are easily attainable with the Kia Telluride. Paired with its 4×4 option and a sporty roof rack, the telluride can transport passengers to the most coveted areas to be explored by mountain bike. With the mountain bikes fastened securely above, the Telluride offers generous cargo room for everything else needed to complete the outdoor adventure. With the will to provide more, the Telluride offers the room to bring along all the camping equipment needed to stake claim to the land and provide for an overnight cycling expedition. Stepping up its game, the Kia Telluride can even carry an additional bicycle in its interior with the fold down seat capability. With such accommodations, no excuse can be made to not seize the moment and the trail both with Kia and recreational transport.

Kia road trips near Sante Fe NM: Ballooning

While New Mexico offers a Utopia of activities, the hot air balloon festival is not to be missed. The Kia Sportage provides the means carrying everything needed to not only attend the festival, but to do so with maximum comfort. With its spacious seating and ample cargo room, Kia drivers can pack more than a lunch when setting off to enjoy the event. Fold up tables and chairs along with all the garnishes to provide an elegant picnicking experience can be carried in the Sportage. If you are going to sit back and explore the colors filling the sky, Kia makes it happen in comfort and not from a blanket on the ground. Deciding what to leave behind is an issue no more. The Sportage provides the room needed. The only decision to be made is determining when to initiate the trip.

Night of Elegance

When embarking on a night of fine dining, the Kia Stinger can deliver its passengers in style and luxury. If a night of pampering grabs your spirits, it is only fitting to attain through a means of travel equal in luxury. The Stinger’s relaxing and embodying seats calm the spirits and nerves while preparing its most precious cargo for a continued evening of further indulgent at one of the many fine eateries known to Sante Fe. Should the evening be cold and dreary, the stinger warms the hearts and bottoms with heated seats. With its award-winning style, Stinger drivers do not suffer from inferiority when parking next to other luxury sedans. The only thought is great minds think alike.

Electrifying the Slopes

Kia understands that most of its loyal customers live within a budget. Long trips can be a luxury not accomplished but the Niro EV serves as a realistic alternative. With the price of gas on the rise, the Niro EV allows a welcomed bypass of the fueling stations. Innovation in automotive power finds root in Kia’s EV and makes some of those far off and amazing destinations a reality. Those residing a significant distance from Sante Fe’s ski slopes can make a trip with the economically accommodating Niro EV. This race will not burn fuel, but instead calories as drivers rush to load skis and gear as they embark on a weekend of white powder and breathtaking views. To learn which Kia makes your favorite road trip possible, contact Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.