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Make Family Travel Exciting with the 2022 Kia Carnival near Rio Rancho NM

What can typically make for a flustering and dreaded event, family travel in the 2022 Kia Carnival near Rio Rancho NM is more than just a pleasant surprise. It becomes a passion. Saturday travel to the soccer field brings new happiness as the Carnival provides the means to transport the family and all of the creature comforts of home to make for an enjoyable day. Packing up and racking in over 1000 miles of family vacation travel is now a joy instead of a punishment. No matter the distance or the location, the Kia Carnival reigns as the ultimate travel vehicle. 

Seat Factor

The 2022 Kia Carnival near Rio Rancho NM, proudly shows off what it has to offer on the interior. While the vehicle is big, so are its features. With so much seating, options are abundant. Providing for both a second and third-row seating arrangement, the Carnival shines as a vehicle with multiple personalities. While it can transport the most prominent families, the Carnival can also transform into a massive cargo vehicle. The second and third-row seating folds down into the floor and provides an enormous space of cargo room. In addition to its capability to fold down and away. That row’s middle seat can slide to and from the front row driver and passenger. This proves intensely valuable for reaching the baby who might need a refill on the bottle. In addition to providing comfort, seating possesses a technological factor. Second-row seating contains dual screens with device mirroring. Streaming is even available with Apple and Android compatible devices. 



2022 Kia Carnival Near Rio Rancho NM: Easy Loading

With so much room available, filling the Carnival with cargo becomes a joy instead of a challenge. Kia added additional features to enhance the cargo load procedure further. Presence detection triggers the mechanical opening of doors and hatch as you approach the vehicle. Now, when your hands are loaded with sleeping backs and other goods for the family camping trip, Kia graciously assists with automatic opening. A simple push of a button reverses the action and gently closes those same doors and hatch. The process even features anti-pinch protection. Children’s fingers and puppy dog tails no longer experience sacrifice from a slamming door. 

Convenience Technology

The Kia Carnival offers additional features that simplify everyday life. The vehicle comes equipped with a camera system that features night vision. Now the driver can check on the children in the second and third-row seats without turning around in the captain’s chair. Instead, the view is displayed in the large touchscreen found strategically placed within the dashboard. At the same time, remote start is excellent, and Kia ups the ante with a climate control setting. Not only can drivers start the Carnival from the comforts of their favorite easy chair, but they can also set the climate preference. 

Safety First

The Kia Carnival wraps the driver and passengers in a shroud of safety. The Surround View Monitor provides a radar-like view around the vehicle. Forward-collision with blind-spot collision avoidance can command the brakes in an emergency. Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance presents an audible alarm should a pedestrian or vehicle approach too closely. Remaining true to form as the family vehicle, the Kia Carnival also features a rear occupant alarm system to prevent leaving a little one behind. The technology is only strengthened when paired with engineering ingenuity, resulting in positioning airbags to protect all Carnival riders. To learn more about the Kia Carnival, contact  Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.