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New vs. Used Kia near Santa Fe, NM. Which is Right for you?

When shopping for a new Kia, your first decision is to determine if brand-new or used is the best option for you and your family. Sure, it’s easy to get persuaded by all the trappings of a brand-new vehicle, like that new car smell or all the new technology, but is it the most intelligent choice? The answer isn’t simple, and the reasons to buy a new or used Kia near Santa Fe, NM aren’t always the same for all buyers. 

It’s best to know the benefits of both new and used cars before you walk into our dealership or begin shopping online so that you can make an informed decision. Once you assess your needs and budget limitations, the right choice will become clear. 


Benefits of Purchasing a New Vehicle

Brand New and Made to Order – You know without a doubt that a brand new Kia has never been in a collision, has zero miles and has no mechanical problems. On your search to locate the perfect new vehicle you’ve dreamed of, you can likely spec a new model just the way you want it, with the options and features that are most important to you. A brand-new car will also be equipped with the latest innovative features you may not find in older models. 

More Financing Options – Auto manufacturers and dealers are known for offering plenty of incentives to attract buyers. Often, new car loans have better interest rates, too, so the MSRP you see on the sticker may not be the actual price you wind up paying. Researching these incentives ahead of time could save you big bucks on a brand-new purchase. 

Warranty Coverage and Advanced Safety Features – All new vehicles come with an untouched factory warranty for a predetermined number of miles driven or years you own the car. (Kia has an industry-leading 10-year/100,000-mile warranty program!) Warranties are included in the price of every new vehicle to protect your finances after making such a huge investment. And as technology continues to evolve, vehicle safety will steadily improve, and all new cars will come equipped with the latest safety features you’re not likely to find in older models. 

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Kia near Santa Fe, NM

Lower Cost – Obviously, a used car will cost less than a new car, but it will also help you save money in other ways. The minute you drive off the lot, every new vehicle depreciates. Any used car has declined significantly, so even though it may seem confusing, sometimes buying used is more economical. You can often upgrade to a late-model used vehicle that is much better than your current ride. 

Less Depreciation – Most of a car’s depreciation happens during the first year of ownership; therefore when you purchase a used vehicle, the brunt of the depreciation has already occurred. You can bet that your used vehicle won’t have much room to depreciate further, and if a day comes when you decide to sell it, you can get close to what you originally paid (depending on how long you’ve had it, of course). 

Lower Insurance Premiums – Insurance rates will always be lower on used vehicles and decrease as the car ages. So not only are you saving money on the purchase price, but also on your insurance payments. It is always smart to get insurance quotes on your desired car choices and consider each one carefully. Your bank account will thank you!

It’s Your Call

So, when the time comes to make your decision, we hope you have discovered which option is best for you. Remember, much of the decision to buy a new or used Kia near Santa Fe, NM comes down to preference and financial capability. There are no exact answers to your car-buying quest, just determine your priorities and you can be on your way. 

And when you’re ready, visit the Kia dealer of Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM, where we’ll always have an impressive inventory of new and used Kias to browse.