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The Kia EV Near Santa Fe NM Finds Form in the Niro and EV6

If you are searching for a Kia EV near Santa Fe NM that offers uniqueness paired with efficiency, prospective buyers need not look past the Niro EV and the sleek EV6. Focusing on variety without sacrificing quality, Kia brings to life an electric vehicle design and engineered package that surpasses the competition. Harnessing that Kia tradition of reliability, the automaker can guide its loyal customers to automotive ingenuity while helping them save money in the process. 

New Possibilities in Power

The Kia EV near Santa Fe NM that gains the attention of the SUV world in the form of a crossover. The Niro EV sports an appealing design that only resonates appreciation when automotive enthusiasts find out what is under the hood. From its electric power design, the Niro EV offers 201-horsepower of well-received get up and go. Those searching for an EV with a mysterious and exciting persona can find it in the EV 6. Although another crossover, it takes its own formation separate from the Niro EV. Although they cater to different likes and dislikes, the EV6 offers its own surprises in the power department with 167-horsepower. Outfitted with the same motor as the Niro EV, it provides for the most efficient driving experience possible. Both electric vehicle options provide a specific resume of why they are superior vehicles maneuvering the roadways. No matter the selection, Kia buyers cannot take a wrong turn when choosing between the two. 



Kia EV Near Santa Fe NM: Drive Range

Both the Niro EV and the EV6 offer significant range when it comes to drive time. The key to a successful relationship with one’s eV is to purchase a model that can accomplish the mileage requirements thrust upon it. Kia can make the goal a reality with both of their offered vehicles. The Niro EV can travel up to 239 miles on a single charge. While the EV 6 provides up to 232 miles in range itself. Considering fast charging capabilities, Kia’s EVs can successfully serve their owners as fuel efficient everyday driving machines. 

Comfort and Convenience

Like all its vehicles and their diverse packages, Kia concentrated on delivering EVs to the public without compromising on the comforts found inside. The EV6’s heated front seats make cold early mornings a cozy joy. The Niro EV offers cloth upholstery and a stylish leatherette option. Both vehicles offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility making for a driving experience guided by your favorite music or podcast. The Niro EV’s 10.25-inch touchscreen is intuitive and quite large while the EV6 brings about that same level of intuitiveness but in larger format with a 12.3-inch panoramic display. While they are different vehicles, both of Kia’s electric vehicle options offer the absolute best in technology and comfortability. 

Surety in Safety

Kia owners can find additional reassurance in any EV purchase. While fuel efficiency is a large savings, it is served up to buyers on a platform that carries all other Kia factors. A safety factor rooted in excellence ensures that Kia makes the only choice in electric vehicles. The Niro EV and the EV6 come equipped with a generous offering of safety features. Highway Driver Assist and Blindspot Detection Technology function as angels on both driver’s shoulders. Automatic braking provides an additional vantage point in stopping the vehicle in an emergency. Rear Cross Alert and Safe Exit Assist protects individuals inside and out of any Kia EV purchased. To learn more about Kia safety features, contact Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.