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SUV Life Just Improved Drastically with the Kia Telluride in Albuquerque NM

The Kia Telluride in Albuquerque NM has motored into position to stir up a frenzy amongst SUV lovers near and far. While Toyota has long been recognized as a contender in all vehicle lines, the comfort factor has been shaken into a rather uncomfortable reality. Kia’s Telluride offers a more refined and dependable version of the family SUV with an abundance of luxury and about everything else one might seek when perusing the sports utility vehicle theater. 

Simplicity that Stuns 

The Kia Telluride in Albuquerque NM sports a unique appearance from its competitors. Kia refrained from designing the vehicle with sharp edges and overpowering accessories that lead to a gawky look instead of one that depicts balance and consistency. The Telluride sports a monochromatic paint scheme with side mirrors painted with the same brush as the body and door handles. Here, no flash or flare is needed to illuminate an appearance that impresses with an exemplary depiction of stunning beauty. The front grille is colored in a robust black, and Kia carried it around the vehicle. Fender wells and window trim are all adorned in the same color to formulate continuity to the rear, which is used to trim the bumper and taillights. The only item that can compare to the excitement of the new vehicle badging is the black sport rims that carry the Telluride across the highways and down the trails. Driving is now limitless from a vehicle engineered to be superior in performance and looks as well. 



Kia Telluride in Albuquerque NM: Power in Numbers

While some SUV manufacturers remain consistent in outfitting vehicles with gas-guzzling V8 engines, Kia took an alternate approach. Instead, the automaker equipped the Telluride with a more than capable V6 engine that is 3.8-liters in size. As a result, an impressive 291 horsepower lives at the pedal and steering wheel. Adding to the exciting capability, the Telluride packs five thousand pounds of towing capacity. Boats and travel trailers can quickly be hitched up for a Telluride tow. Control is easily found and maintained with Kia’s automatic transmission. Working in perfect harmony, the Telluride’s engine and transmission provide the absolute best in vehicle performance. 

Seating and Space

The Telluride boasts an impressive and comfortable riding experience. This is primarily due to an abundance of legroom and storage space availability. Functioning as a 7-passenger vehicle, the second-row seating is offered in a bucket seat design. Passage to the rear with more legroom results makes any family cross-country haul a breeze. With plenty of headroom to match the surplus of legroom, the telluride continues offering vast space. The storage volume computes to 46 cubic feet behind the second row. Total passenger volume shocks all at 178.1 cubic feet. Variations in passenger size and multiple luggage configurations are a welcomed sporting event when preparing the Telluride for travel. 

Advanced Technology

The Telluride features various features that generate smiles in all who experience their presence. Familiar and specific music can easily be transmitted from the smartphone throughout the Harmon Kardon 10-speaker stereo system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Those looking for a particular radio station or even a professional baseball game can have what they seek with Sirius Satellite radio availability. The most exciting technological advancement is the push-to-talk feature. The river can communicate with passengers in the rear by pushing a button, which results in the driver’s voice being amplified through the rear speakers. No one oversleeps after long-distance travel with technology like this. To learn more about the Kia Telluride in Albuquerque, contact Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.