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​​​​​​​Top Family Cars Near Rio Rancho NM all Belong to Kia

When playing the game of finding the ultimate family vehicle, the playing field is much smaller than one might think. That is because the top family cars near Rio Rancho NM come courtesy of Kia. The automaker provides everything needed to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable driving experience when packing up the family for transport from car to SUV. 


Stylish Sedan

The top family cars near Rio Rancho NM populate a list of preferred vehicles, including the sleek Kia Stinger. With 300-horsepower found under the hood, this four-door sedan can tremendously deliver the family unit in safe and fun fashion. A 10.25-inch touchscreen allows ease of use in finding the preferred radio station of the little ones in the backseat. Although the Kia Stinger might not be the ideal choice for a family of six, smaller families can enjoy the sporty look associated with its metallic luster and sport rims. The family image does not live solely in the modern-day minivan. Like an expensive portrait, the American family has never looked better seated in leather seats surrounded by technological innovation. 

Top Family Cars Near Rio Rancho NM: Roof Rack of Options

The Kia Sorento serves as another top selection on the family vehicle list for the family that seeks adventure and enjoys gearing up. Whether it’s a soccer tournament or a weekend camping trip, the Kia Sorento delivers. Adjustable roof rack makes carrying tents and gear a cinch leaving more room inside the vehicle for more fragile cargo. Those traveling to destinations of intense workouts can complete the cycle with that same rooftop device. A convenient attachment can be fastened to the rails, and now the family unit can bring along bicycles for a weekend adventure of fun and physical fitness. 

Larger Options

Kia provides the Telluride as the vehicle of choice for larger families or those who demand more room. Either way, this vehicle sets the standard in family travel. Fold-down seating provides an increase in real estate for cross-country travel. The Telluride does its very best in preventing its passengers from being homesick during long-distance travel. It gives the room to bring everything from home held near and dear to the heart, even the family dog. Why leave Lucky behind when he can command his own passenger space like his owners? 

Maintaining Tradition

Just because the minivan does not depict the image of family travel for all, many stick closely to tradition and thrive in keeping the sliding door legacy a reality. For those, Kia engineered the Carnival. In addition to an abundance of seating and a plethora of cargo space, the Carnival commands the road as a symphony of connectivity. Headrest screens provide cinema-like entertainment, while charging stations are strategically located throughout the interior. Additionally, a wireless charging pad can provide a welcomed solution for those who forgot the charging cable back at home. For those looking to compare the fabulous five of Kia family vehicles, contact Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110